The best way to stop hair fall

To stop hair falling please follow these instructions:

1- Eating the diet rich in protein may help to prevent hair loss (protein continuing foods are beef, pasta, salmon, and eggs, nuts like peanut, chicken and in green vegetables).

2- Maintain good hairs and scalp care.

3- Take multivitamins with food which you eat daily.

4- Try low level light therapy

5- Regularly wash your hair with shampoo after oiling.

6- Avoid brushing wet hairs because its break your hairs immediately.

7- Keep yourself hydrated and use of aloe Vera which is very good for our hairs.

8 – Massaging the scalp which can be used in conjunction with hair loss and masks which stimulate the scalp and helps to improve your hairs thickness.

9 – Avoiding products that contain sulfates and alcohol’s because it may damage tour hairs.

10 – Brush your hairs before taking shower.

11 – Turn down the temperature of your shower.

12 – Use over the counter hair loss medication which is very important.

13 – Use a cool air dryer and stay away from hot tools like straightener and roller etc.

14 – Use hair thickening diet.


These kinds things help a lot to reduce the hair fall and some exercise are also good. If we do proper work out on this, it gives a lot of benefits and it’s also maintain the regrow hair as well.

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