The 3 up multiple pair for 3 up sets for 2-5-2022

The 3 up pair are only 55 pair in 3 up and if we going to make the 3 up sets those pair are mostly are which we going to take are just 7 pairs for result . But we keep in in our mind how we can take these pair from pc paper or from result chart .

In one condition we take two pair when we have sure 3 up single digit but its really rare happen in one year . The good thing we use 7 pair because when we make the 3 up sets then these 7 pair must pass in 3 up .

The second thing sometime 2 down tips we can use as extra 3 up pair so when we use 2 down the pair are 9 and 3 up sets 14 sets in 3 up method . So this time we made 123 and 745 for pair .

The common digit is always we used as a single digit for 3 up if that comes in both side tips of 3 up but we have this completely different tips .


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