Running 3 up single digits calculation for 16-6-2022

The last time we did our best to make the easy and best 3 up calculation for 3 up single and its pass in 3 up result . The that calculation is the best to make any kind of 3 up set up .

Now all everyone try to make new thing on Facebook which is very helpful but its humble result to everyone fallow that calculation which is always pass in papers and in latest result .

The 3 up result chart is also useful to find the best tips se up but its little bit difficult to understand and learn properly to find the best up tips . There are two type of paper for 3 up set up .

The first one is the pc papers and second is the third Magazine paper and if we look the 3 up result chart there are several tips on its . The easy method is simply we have to compare the result list with 4 pc paper .

After math which are the common result tips those are used to make the up sets up .The common result also called the running single digits in 3 up set up .