Benefits of Cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are done to change your appearance and redesigning the body counter, shape and smoothing baldness. Common surgical procedures divided into three types of procedures:

  1. Invasive procedures
  2. Non-Invasive Procedure
  3. Minimal procedure


An invasive procedure invades the body by puncturing, cutting the skin by inserting the instruments into the specific area of the body.

Invasive procedure usually offers longer lasting and more effective results. These types of surgeries involve local anesthesia or general anesthesia, also they extended recovery periods.

There are following surgeries which are invasive surgeries:


1 -Hair transplant

2 – Rhinoplasty

3 – Micro Liposuction

4 – Face Lift

5 – Brow Lift

1 – Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant grafts are usually performed under local anesthesia. Each session of treatment can last from four to ten hours, depending on the number of hairs that are transplanted.


2 – Rhinoplasty:


Rhinoplasty surgery improves the external and internal structure of your nose which you may want unless the patients also want to enhance other facial features.


Benefits of Rhinoplasty or nose job:

Straightening the nose tips or bridge

Reshaping the nose tip

Increasing or decreasing the size of nostrils

Making the nose smaller or bigger as patient demand

3 – Micro Liposuction:

Micro liposuction is very common and popular procedure, removal of excess fat by liposuction can return patients youthful appearance and also helps to reduce areas of fullness. Micro liposuction is basic or latest technique used to counter and remove fat from the neck, chin and cheeks.

4 – Face Lift:

A face lift is a surgical procedure and it is usually an outpatient procedure in which a plastic surgeon help to improve your visible signs of aging, improve jaw lines and Saggy skin from the surface of your face.


5 – Brow Lift:

A brow lift also called forehead lift or eyebrow lift, it is a cosmetic surgery at raise your eyebrows and decrease the appearance of frown and wrinkles lines to lift the sagging skin.

Non – Invasive procedures:

The noninvasive surgeries is a conservative treatment that does not require any incision into the body part and does not remove any tissue from the body and it does not require any type of tools that break the skin .

There are following surgeries which are invasive surgeries:

1 – Micro Dermabrasion

2 – Laser

3 – Radio frequency

1 – Micro Dermabrasion :

It is a cosmetic procure in which a plastic surgeon use a minimally abrasive instruments to Gently sand your skin  and Removing the thick uneven outer layer and for these types of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring , sun exposure damage , stretch marks and discolorations .

2 – Laser:

Laser skin reduces wrinkles and scars. It helps to skin coloring, tightens skin and removes lesions and protect from other skin problems. Lasers are basically beams of light, plastic surgeon use concentrated beams of laser light to eliminate the dark and unwanted hairs.


3 – Radio Frequency (RF):

Radio frequency procedure is a skin tightening procedure in which the plastic surgeon use non-surgical method to tight your skin, in these treatment energy waves are used to heat he deep layer of skin which called dermis, tis heat play very important role to stimulate the production of collagen.

Minimally procedures:

In Minimally procedures, the plastic surgeon makes minor small incision and tiny cuts which often needed in traditional surgeries.

1 – Botox

2 – Fillers

3 – Threads

4 – PRP

1 – Botox:

Botox procedure promotes the production of collagen and elastin. In Botox injections the pair of proteins is present that makes young skin tight.

It can smooth out wrinkles and provide you a good looking & younger youthful skin .Botox is considered safe procedure overall.

2 – Fillers:

Fillers are great option for patients seeking a softer and younger looking skin and boosting hydration for an overall and naturally rejuvenated appearance.

Fillers can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, improve the appearance of recessed scars and soften the facial creases & decrease the shadow of lower lids.

3 – Threads:

Thread lifts is a cosmetic surgery in which surgeon uses the dissolve the suture to tight the skin and lift the skin. Thread lift surgery required local anesthesia.

4 – PRP:

PRP are two types:

Skin PRP

Hair PRP

PRP improves skin texture color, reduces (pore size, burn wounds) and provide skin whitening against hyperpigmentation, it also reduce dark circles under eyes.

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) injection is re growing procedures of hairs in which platelet plasma found in your taken by syringe like blood sampling and it is cosmetic procedure which is done by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist consultant.

It is a type of cell which helps to healing or regrowth of your hairs throughout the body.