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ViewSonic X2-4K Review: Made for Gaming, But Does a Lot More


For most people, a projector isn’t the conventional way to watch content. TVs are still the king when it comes to home entertainment. However, some brands, such as ViewSonic, make some really good projectors for home use. It also makes some unique projectors, such as the X2-4K, which is designed for gamers. Now, most gamers aren’t going to even think of buying a projector for their gaming setup, as most projectors don’t offer high refresh rates, 4K resolution, and so on.

Things are very different with the ViewSonic X2-4K, though. The projector has been made for Xbox and gets the Microsoft guarantee. It offers some unique features, such as 1440p resolution at 120Hz, that you won’t find on regular projectors. So, should a gamer consider this projector, a 65-inch TV, or a large curved monitor? And what about PC or PS5 customers? Can they use this projector? I’ve been using the X2-4K for about a week now to try and answer all those questions and more.

viewsonic x2 4k review6 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

The X2-4K is pretty compact for a 4K projector

The ViewSonic X2-4K is expensive, and there are no two ways about it. For the money you spend on the projector, you can buy a 65-inch 4K QLED TV that’ll be much more versatile. In India, the projector is currently available at around Rs. 2,80,000.

It is available in a single black colour option with some green Xbox accents. The box contains a remote with backlit buttons, a USB Type-C cable, and different types of power cables.

ViewSonic X2-4K Design, specifications: Pretty compact

When I received the X2-4K, I expected it to be large in size, thanks to it being a 4K projector. However, I was quite surprised upon opening the package. The device is as big as a shoe box but weighs around 3.5 kg. ViewSonic uses durable plastic for the construction, and you get large vents on the front and sides. The front houses the lens, which is partially protected, and an IR sensor. It’s easy for the lens to catch dust as there’s no lens cover.

viewsonic x2 4k review1 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

The X2-4K has a 2,900 Lumen LED

Moving to the top, you’ll find a sliding door that hides the focus/zoom rings and a keypad that includes projector controls. You’ll also find an LED indicator on the top.

viewsonic x2 4k review3 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

You get an Instant On feature on the X2-4K

The bottom has four rubber feet and one wide adjustable leg placed in the centre that can be used to slightly prop up the projector.

viewsonic x2 4k review4 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

You can use the adjustable leg to prop up the projector at two different levels

As for styling, the projector has green corners on the front to denote the exclusive ‘Made for Xbox’ design. However, I didn’t find the term Xbox anywhere on the projector. The projector has dual 6W Cube speakers by Harman Kardon on either side. You’ll find all the ports at the back, which has a slightly textured design compared to the rest of the product, which should make it easier to find the inputs in the dark.

viewsonic x2 4k review5 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

The speakers by Harman Kardon are loud and offer good immersion

In terms of specifications, the X2-4K is a short throw projector with a 0.65-inch 4K projection system and a throw ratio of 0.69-0.83. It gets a 2,900-lumen LED lamp rated to last 60,000 hours in normal mode. You can get between a 60 to 120-inch projection from just 1.5 to 3 metres of distance at 4K resolution. ViewSonic recommends a throw distance of 0.92 to 2.2m, though. The projector also offers 1.2x optical zoom so that you can go even larger than 120 inches, but this will affect the clarity.

ViewSonic X2-4K Connectivity, features: Plenty of options

The ViewSonic X2-4K has all of its inputs located at the back, and you get plenty. There’s a 3.5mm audio out port, an RS-232 port, a USB Type-A service input, a dual HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 support, a USB Type-C port, and another USB Type-A standard port. A second IR sensor is also available at the rear and a power input slot. As for wireless connectivity, the projector offers Bluetooth 4.2 for audio and Wi-Fi for screen mirroring.

viewsonic x2 4k review2 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

The X2-4K features IR sensors at the front and back

Now, the main feature of this projector is not that it offers 4K HDR output. What’s interesting about the X2-4K is the ability to get up to 240Hz refresh rate when connected to a gaming console. The projector offers 4K at 60Hz, 1440p at 120Hz, and 1080p at 240Hz. At 240Hz, ViewSonic also claims that you can get a super low input lag of 4.2ms. While the company says the projector is designed for Xbox, it’ll also work great with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and gaming PCs.

The projector also has an inbuilt storage of 16GB, out of which 12GB is usable for apps and more. The UI on the X2-4K is easy to use, and you get a Bluetooth backlit remote that you can use to switch modes or navigate around the projector easily.

viewsonic x2 4k review12 ViewSonicX2-4K ViewSonic

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