Three type of Hair PRP

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it is a cosmetic procedure, this is a three step medical treatment in which a patient blood is drawn, processed and then injected into the scalp. This therapy is best when you loss hairs recently and you may have great results if you will go for PRP therapy after recently hair loss. Platelet is a type of cell which helps with healing throughout the body and potentially reverses hair loss and grows new hairs.

PRP is a micro needling procedure which is the best option for your growth of hairs and substantial improvements in some people with thinning hair.

Hair PRP are three types which are given below:


1- Simple PRP

2 – Gel – Based PRP

3 – Biotin PRP


Some important points of Hair PRP:

1 – PRP strengthens the hairs from thinning of the existing hair and this procedure is designed to strengthen your remaining active hair follicle.

2 – In this procedure of hair prp there is no need of any cut or incision involved.

3 – Increases the diameter of the hairs and density of hairs.

4 – There is no recovery period, because it is non – surgical procedure and it required just a mall blood draw.

5 – PRP injections can also support the blood vessels surrounding the hairs follicle that helps to create the thicker hairs.

6 – The session of hair prp is quick and easy and there is no discomfort.

7 – It helps to stimulate the skin cells regenerations in the area which it’s applied.

8 – PRP injections are effective mostly in treating male pattern like baldness, these are both found in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth which a person obviously want .


9 – It also helping to create thicker hair in the antigen phase.


10 – PRP procedure not only decreases the hairs shedding and stimulates the new hairs growth, but it also increases the thickness of hair follicle.


Recovery time of PRP therapy

There are no side effects of PRP therapy.PRP is about painless treatment, the patient feel just minor discomfort able and requires zero recovery time.


Post op instructions about Hair PRP:

1 – Patient may require additional sessions at the direction of the doctor.


2 – After your session of hair PRP procedure, do not wet your hairs after prp therapy at least 5 hours.


3 – Do not smoking or consuming alcohol for at least three days before your hair prp surgery. These are both can disturb your prp procedure and it may can some infections.


4 – Do not use any hair products for at least 6 hours after your treatment.


Can PRP side effect?


PRP is a safe procedure because it derived from your own blood and there is no chance of having immune reaction or any allergic reaction.


Complications of PRP:

Complications of PRP injections are extremely rare.

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