Skin PRP of face treatment

Skin PRP procedure for the face is a treatment that involves withdrawing the patient own blood, for the processing it so that only the enriched cells that called platelet rich plasma remain, after this infusing it into the facial tissues by micro needling.

It is also particularly good for some people who suffered from acne issues.

PRP consist of approximately four sessions and sometimes patients want 5 to 6 sessions and there is no issue, and it is not harmful if patient want several times PRP.

Skin PRP procedure may not be appropriate for those candidates who have some medical conditions that could spread or worsen with injections.

It is also very effective for under eyes, PRP does increase the volume, smoothness under the eyes and also improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes.

Benefits of skin PRP:

PRP contains essential proteins that stimulating the new cell growth. PRP helps to improve your complexion and skin texture and to restore lost facial volume. PRP stimulates collagen fibers and elastin production which thickens this skin and tightens the thinning skin. It also great treatment for improving fine lines and smoothing wrinkles or acne. PRP acts to naturally smooth skin texture and tone. PRP improves skin texture color, reduces (pore size, burn wounds) and provides skin whitening against hyperpigmentation, it also reduces dark circles under eyes.

Pre op instructions about skin PRP:

Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, threading and waxing.

Discontinue blood thinning agents like garlic, liver oil, and vitamin E and related essential fatty acids. It is fine to continue vitamin D and iron supplements.

Avoid aspirin, caffeine, Advil and other anti – inflammatory medications.

Avoid from sun exposure and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily.

Post op instructions about skin PRP:

After session of skin PRP, continue to avoid aspirin, caffeine, Advil and other anti – inflammatory medications.

Use a good product of moisturizer as needed.

Avoid warm environment like sun exposure, steams rooms and avoid from kitchen work.

Drink a lot of water and quite from smoking.

By apply ice on your face because it makes the skin flawless and reduces the chances of the development of acne on the face.

PRP facial slight discomfort for few minutes during procedure but nothing significant.