PRP therapy regrow the hair line

PRP is a preparation of autologous plasma of human with an increase platelets concentration that are produced by centrifuging the larger volume of the patients own blood by sampling process. PRP therapy is based on platelet growth factors that supports the three phases of wound healing and cascade. Many different PRP formulations have been evaluated and originating from human beings and in animal studies.

PRP procedure considered better for hair loss but the study saying that your level of platelets can affect and the important thing is that the lower level of blood platelets mean that PRP is not more effective for you. PRP is a micro needling is best option for your growth of hairs and substantial improvements in some people with thinning hair.

PRP therapy is best when your loss hairs recently, you may have great results if you will go for PRP therapy after recently hair loss. PRP is mainly used to treat the athletes and may help with tissue rebuilding and repair. Its scientifically proved that P R P can help to support the blood vessels surrounding the hair follicle and helping to create the thicker and strong hairs.

Sometime after PRP session your hair fall is more than before but it’s a normal phenomenon, there is no need to worry about that and will settle after three months with regular treatment or sessions.

Texture of hairs may be change slightly and it may improve the quality and amount of your hairs.

PRP procedure is about painless treatment in which patient feel minor discomfort able and requires zero recovery time.


The purpose of the study helps to analyze the histologic changes of human skin after the PRP and the PRP injections was performed in the mastoidea area. After the PRP session fragments of skin removed after 2 weeks and analyzed by optical microscopy, fibers and collagen.

PRP consist of approximately four sessions and sometimes patients want 5 to 6 sessions and there is no issue, and it is not harmful if patient want several times PRP.


The aging process of skin is a biological phenomenon that divided into extrinsic aging and the facial skin aging is a process that helps to effect the skin.

The Connective tissue of skin is composed of elastin and collagen.

Elastin is a minor part of the dermis layer, it provides the elasticity of skin and collagen makes the skin dry and gives the dermis its structural integrity.

After PRP injection, the reticular dermis thickness is increased because of deposition of elastic.


Can PRP therapy regrow the hair line?

PRP procedure can helps to hair growth back by stimulates the weakened hair follicles that are causing your hair line to recede back.

PRP (PLATELET RICH THERAPY) is taken from your body through blood draw and will trigger tissues and cell repairing in

the region of the body.