Last VIP 3 up running free tips for 2-5-22022

The before 3 up result we just collect all tips from 3 up chart list and 4 pc paper and magazine tips and finally we make just open pair and three VIP sets . Those VIP we had make those are some from our 3 up chart calculation and some are tips paper but are really good tips because one sets must going to be pass in 3 up result .

As long the result of 3 up in this year this very different because all tips are miss and some result are totally out from the 3 up and 4 pc paper . Now the latest tips pair is 71 or 79 and the four digits tips is the 1234 .

This one also part of the our best calculation in 3 up result chart so it could be little different from other tips sets . The main thing we have to understand last 3 up result was in double pair of 99 .

If we just plus these two tips just need to confirm that the answer of 9 plus 9 is 8 and the power of 8 is 3 . The if compare with these two digits with the touch of 3 up that could the main digit is 3 .

The VIP 3 up running sets are only two sets of 3 up and that is 713 and 793 now let see its pass or not in 3 up .

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