Final 3 up running calculation for the last sets up 1-7-2565

Today if we check last 3 up sets which pass last complete month with all tips of 3 up . Now the new tips is going to repeat from the last month final set and that is 8 and 7 actually both digits comes in new sets .

So there are a few calculation in 3 up result chart and all running calculation shows that 3 up sets must be pass by 650 . This one is the basically main 3 up sets tips and this tips is also include in the pc paper and Magazine paper .

Sometimes 3 up sets show the repeating tips from the pc paper and result chart and that is little difficult because of the repeating pair or single. So we cant find which set is important in new 3 up sets .

For this time we make our new tips with running and repeating from the 3 up sets the last sets was 807 and we make the 87 is repeat again in 3 up result and we make all sets with 8 and 7 in 3 up and its comes along with 5 and 6 .

As you see in above image we make the just fours sets of the running calculation from the 3 up chart route if anyone have the own calculation which show the different sets so you can share this us .