Complete TF position 3 up sets for 16-2-2022

The complete TF position of 3 up sets are almost ready and we make all tips from the 4 pc paper and there important 3 up single . The important complete TF position are actually best strait position of 3 up best figure of numbers which we used in calculation .

There are many calculation which include in 3 up chart and all result of TF are mostly pass .The TF tips stared with even numbers to make the best sets of 3 up and odd number comes in 3 up total sets result .

Now if we use 3 up result chart might be all TF sets pass but if we use just pc paper tips of TF  might be one or two tips miss we always try to help everyone to make the best and complete TF position in 3 up sets .

The latest tips are based on 4 TF sets and in this year all are completely pass in 3 up result and we believe this also pass in coming tips result .