Causes of Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the number of side effects stemming from the pressure on the nerve and the (C T S) is the pressure on a nerve which is found in your wrist. This nerve is responsible for the movement and the feeling for thumb side of hand.

The carpel tunnel contains the tendons and median nerves.

Which bone causes the carpel tunnel syndrome:

Carpel bones on the bottom of wrist, the carpel tunnel is an opening of wrist which is formed by carpel bones.

Causes of Carpal tunnel syndrome:

Nerve damaging conditions

Fluid retention (due to obesity, menopause and pregnancy)

A cyst and tumor in the wrist

Inflammatory conditions and metabolic orders


Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

Due to carpal tunnel syndrome some problems are held like Numbness and Tingling (feel sensation like an electric shocks and the sensation may travel from wrist up the arm) and pain in your fingers and hands.

On the other hands, a weak grip and coordination’s of fingers like a struggle to complete fine movements.


Latest treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome:

A Plastic surgery makes a small syringe like incision in the palm of your hand over the carpel tunnel and then relieve pressure on the nerve.

Pre op instructions of Carpel tunnel syndrome:

You will go through the series of pre op tests to examine the overall the health.

Wash the surface area neat and clean.

Doctor hands must be sanitized.

Wear gloves before this procedure because sterilization is very important.


Post op instructions of carpal tunnel syndrome:

Try to walk each day.

After 3 hours wash your hands with warm water.

Rest when you feel tired.

Lie down on your back and elevate your affected arm on 1 to pillow.

Some time requires wearing the brace.

After procedure, avoid lifting things heavier than 1 kg.

Sleep with your wrists in neutral position with your hands.

Is it painful procedure:

Almost all patients all patients experience some degree of pain

some discomfort in their first few days.