Calculation of master total of pair for 3 up of 16-5-2565

The calculations of 3 up master total are always change with every latest 3 up sets . The main thing when any tips sets comes with 6 it difficult to make the 3 up total .

Because there is main thing if you calculate the total with 6 might be the result open in 9 so there is bit difference between 6 and 9 .

If 6and 9 calculation always increase the 3 up total and in the there is same issue with that let suppose if total is 9 and the sets open in 6 here is the main thing we need to understand .

At this point we have to make all kinds of 3 up total sets with 9 and with 6 this is the one solution of 3 up sets total pair .

The same thing apply on 2 down sets of pair and if we try to select the 3 up chart which have less pair total that chart also need this solution of 3 up .