Best Food for the Hair Growth

Diet plays an important role in keeps the hairs healthy. The foods which we eat have an impact on the growth of hairs, strength of hairs and volume of hairs.

Hairs are growing from the roots of our head and so that the key to healthy hair growth lies in improving the health of the scalp and hair follicles.

Eating the good variety of foods like nutritious diet can boost the hair growth and also boost your skin.



Healthy facts are essential to our hair health.

We have put together best foods and healthy hair.

1- Loss of hairs are due to the deficiency of biotin and the EGGS are a good source of biotin and minerals, that helps to boost hair growth. Other biotin containing foods are given below. Meat, Nuts, Seeds, Some vegetables and Fish oil.

2- Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium; selenium is a mineral that helps to boost our hair growth.

3- Guava is a fruit which helps to protect your hairs from breaking; it is full of vitamin c. One cup of guava has 277 milligrams of vitamin c.
4- Sweet potatoes are led with an antioxidant that helps to protect against dry and dull hairs .

5- Legumes are saturated with hair improving vitamins and minerals like zinc, biotin and iron. Zinc is an important mineral that helps to prevent hair loss and keeping it healthy so it can grow.

6- Salmon are great for feeding hair from the inside out with the shine and growth.

7- Citrus is an incredible source of vitamin c, which boasts plenty of important health benefits.