3d tips first route of direct open tips 16-2-2024

3d papers first route of final tips are very similar to last two result . But first one is very important for the tips which is the best route to making 3d tips for the final result .

There are several tips in pc papers but a few tips papers are passed in result the question is why this happened . The answer is not properly finding the 3d tips and there are one more thing to understand and that is method

There are three method which is used to making the 3d tips fist one total and one is single touch and third one is chart route . The chart route is not available is pc paper . The chart route is something different and is result list . The result list pass the tips occasionally but first paper single touch and total are confirms pass in tips .

So this time we having very great tips for 3d tips and that is single digit’s for 3d tips which is used for the final sets . We also creates one tip which is also in app as well and that is our final tips

we always put before result for the 3s total .

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