3 Up latest 3d tips for sets of 16 May 2022

The 3 up latest 3d tips for 16 May is about to ready with all new tips for up and sets . Now as you see the last result our tips is pass in result so its clearly means new one is also pass for up sets .

There are just sets started with two main digits for 3 up and that is 5 and 0 for up sets and almost this one is the main tips which was pass in 3 up last time . The second one the touch is different and hat is 7896 .

This time fore digit touch and two main new digit for 3 up pair now if we have to make the sets just keep in mind that 5 and 0 mostly comes on open position for 3 up sets .

Just make sure the four digit tips usually comes on center and close position of 3 up according to the 3 up chart route . The 3 up chart route list always helps us for making the which tips is going pass or which tips comes on open and close digits .

The new tips is 50 for 3 up .

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